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Parking at the Tupelo Regional Airport

The Tupelo Regional Airport has completely implemented a new pay-by-space parking system for commercial air flyers.  The system is easy to use and offers a variety of benefits to parking customers, including new payment methods and the reduction or elimination of line-ups entering and exiting the parking facility.

Rates and Fees located here.

How it Works

  • Park your vehicle
  • Note space number
  • Proceed to pay station immediately
  • Pay for desired time (cash, Visa, Amex)
  • Keep receipt of payment.
  • Note expiry time.

No need to display receipt on vehicle.   Tickets will be issued for expired time. This is an automated system.  There are no cashiers at exits.

Are you a full time employee of a Part 121 or Part 135 air carrier? Please got to the Documents and Forms page for more information about our Professional Aviation Service Provider Program.

Click here for a map of the designated spaces.




After several months of research, the Tupelo Airport introduces a new pay-by-space parking system. The new self-serve system is easy to use and will offer parking customers and the airport a number of benefits.

Questions & Answers

The following questions and answers have been prepared about the pay-by-space parking system.


Q.       How do these new pay stations work?

A.       The new electronic parking pay stations (meters) work in a similar manner to banking machines or kiosks. There is signage by the machine, on the machine and in the screen prompts to help customers. The basic steps for purchasing parking are as follows:

  • Park your vehicle and note your space number before going to the pay station.
  • Press any key on the keypad to turn on the machine if it is “asleep.”
  • Enter your space number and press OK.
  • Choose the amount of time you want to stay.
  • Make a payment via credit card or cash (bill or coin) when promoted on the screen.
  • Once payment is accepted, a receipt will print out in the ticket cup located below the credit card reader.
  • Lift the clear cover and remove your receipt. Everyone gets a receipt to prove payment. This feature is especially beneficial to business parkers making expense claims on parking.
  • Customers can simply then leave the parking facility and proceed with their business.
  • There is no need to put the receipt on your dash as parking services staff can check parking space status through wireless handheld devices or by polling the machine directly.
  • If you have questions, you can get help by calling 662-841-6570.

Q.       Is my credit card data safe if I use it on one of these new machines?

A.       All of the credit card data stored on the machine is encrypted so that it can’t be read by anyone, including airport personnel. The credit card transactions are also approved by the banks in real time so you have an authorization number on your receipt to reference your transaction with your credit card company.

Q.       When I use my credit card, what happens if it gets stuck inside the machine?

A.       Like many other electronic parking meters, banking machines, or kiosks, the Airport’s new parking kiosk does not ingest the card so customers will always have physical contact and access to their card. No additional transaction fees collected with the credit card option.

Q.       Does the pay station take debit cards?

A.       Yes.

Q.       Does the parking meter give change?

A.       Yes.

Q.       What are the rates and hours of operation for the pay-by-space parking system?

A.       Please refer to the Rates and Fees page at

Q.       Will staff continue to receive parking passes for the designated parking area as part of their employment agreement with at the Tupelo Regional Airport?

A.       Employees will continue to have free parking privileges in designated areas as long as your parking permit is in the glass of your vehicle as stated in the application.

Q.       What happens if the pay station doesn’t work?

A.       Unlike the old gated system, when the system broke, back-ups in traffic occurred. In the case of the pay-by-space pay stations, when one is not working, the airport will issue tickets. If there is a problem, please contact the Airport Administration Office at 662-841-6570.

Q.       Why is the Tupelo Airport making this change?

A.       The Airport’s current parking equipment has become obsolete. Frequent breakdowns are being experienced and replacement parts are no longer available. In addition to this, parking customers have been asking for different payment options, not supported by the current system. As a result, the Airport has been actively seeking a new parking system for commercial air travelers.

Q.       Why pay-by-space versus a gated / attendant parking system or some other system?

A.       Since the installation of the current parking system, the parking industry has evolved. In keeping with the publics’ higher expectations regarding how and when to pay, parking industry leaders have spent more and more time on developing customer self-serve, automated parking systems.

The new system is easy for customers to use, and unlike pay-and-display systems, where customers must return to their vehicle to display their parking receipt, pay-by-space customers can simply pay and head out of the parking facility.

For the municipality, the system is more affordable than a quality gated / attendant parking system, with less movable parts to break. The system easily links to the Airport’s accounting system, and supports several payment methods for customers. Everyone gets a receipt, which is especially good for business parkers making expense claims.

Q.       I understand that with the new system, changes have been made to the parking bylaw that will result in customers getting tickets in the parking facilities. Why is this necessary?

A.       The Airport’s goal with the new parking system was to find a reliable parking system that offers a variety of benefits to both the customer and municipality. The ability to issue tickets is needed to control misuse of the parking facilities.

Q.       Is Tupelo the first Airport to use these new meters?

A.       No. A number of cities and airports in North America are using the pay-by-space system.

Q.       Who do I contact for more information about pay stations?

A.       Information on the pay-by-space parking system can be found on the Airport website at For additional details, please contact the Tueplo Airport Administration offices at 662-841-6570.