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Airport Administration and General Information

Tupelo Regional Airport
2704 W Jackson St
Tupelo, MS 38801
Fax: 662-841-6571

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Runway Ext.

650′ Extension to the North (In Design)


After careful consideration of the public’s opposition to the closure of Jackson street, the Airport Authority completed a new runway extension study and decided the best solution is an extension of 650′ to the north and 350′ to the south. This gives a total runway length of 7,500′, a number approved and will be 95% funded by the FAA. The project will be spit into 2 parts: the north extension that is expected to begin in 2011 and the south extension that does not have a start date. Right now the airport authority is focusing all of its efforts on the north. This 650′ extension will bring the total runway length to 7,153′, a step that will help the airport mitigate the loss of operations with only 6,500′ of runway already here. Also, this is a safer length for aircraft and better marking tool for airport industrial development. This extension will not close W. Jackson St. The public hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 9th will be held to address the environmental impact of the 650′ extension. The justification for the extension has already been approved by the FAA. A list of items that will be addressed are: A. Extend the existing runway approximately 650 feet to the north to achieve a proposed runway length of 7,153′. B. Widen the existing parallel taxiway from 50′ wide to 60′ wide and extend in conjunction with the proposed runway extension. C. Improve the runway safety area (RSA) for the runway. The RSA is a graded, grassed overrun what will be 500 feet wide and extend 1,000 feet beyond each runway end. D. Install lighting on runway extension and parallel taxiway extension. E. Relocate the existing PAPI. F. Install a medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights (MALSAR) on runway 18. G. Expansion of existing terminal parking area You are encouraged to submit a comment sheet. Comment_Sheet.pdf

  • Some questions have risen about Jackson St.
    • Is Jackstion a FAA violation to the runway saftey area? – It is not.
    • Are the medium intensity approach lighting system will be a danger to drivers?- They are not.
    • Will the aircraft will fly lower over the road as they approach to land? – The aircraft will be flying over Jackson Rd. and will be within the safety limits required by the FAA.
    • A great illustration of this scenario is Memphis International Airport and the six lane road East Shelbly Dr. is in the RSA of 3 paralell runways.

 Truck information

Large trucks will be required to haul around 20,000 loads of fill dirt to the airport.

  • Minor hauling will be from March 5 -9
  • Major hauling will be from March 30 – July 12
  • Hauling times will be Mon. – Sat. 6:30AM – 6:30PM. Sunday may be used from time to time.

Empty truck route

Loaded truck route