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A smart business decision

Imagine setting your own schedule, avoiding airport security delays, and not worrying about lost luggage.

The speed and efficiency of business flying is one of the key reasons that American companies are such strong competitors in the global economy, making business aviation one of the most important segments of general aviation.

The general aviation fleet of 224,000 aircraft and America’s nearly 20,000 public and private airports and heliports allow key employees to be in the right place at the right time to meet the vital needs of today’s most lucrative customers.

Who flies?

From sales people to construction managers and from scientists to ranchers, general aviation offers tremendous benefits. Companies use airplanes to visit their factories and suppliers, make sales calls, transport employees between different facilities, and for hundreds of other business reasons.

Some people own their own airplanes or rent them at local airports. Many companies own single aircraft or entire fleets. In most cases, there are tax incentives for business use of small airplanes.

Where do they land?

General aviation provides point-to-point access to 5,261 public-use community airports that have the support services like fuel and restaurants. These vital airports often are located near the places where America’s companies do business. There’s almost certainly a community airport located near you.

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