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Tupelo Regional Airport
2704 W Jackson St
Tupelo, MS 38801
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TRA awarded Airport Safety Mark of Distinction

September 27,2012

Mr. Joshua D. Abramson
Executive Director
Tupelo Regional Airport
2704 W. Jackson Street
Tupelo, MS 38801

Dear Mr. Abramson:


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Southern Region, Airports Division is presenting the Airport Safety Mark of Distinction Award to the Tupelo Regional Airport for their efforts related to wildlife hazard management, delineation of the runway safety areas, and management and oversight of a runway construction project.

By removing trees and brush and clearing and grading drainage ditches within the Airport Operations Area, you have eliminated standing water and habitat for potential wildlife hazards to aircraft. Your delineation of the boundaries of the runway safety area with frangible red and orange markers has enhanced your staffs ability to effectively inspect these areas completely during their daily inspections. Ground preparation for the runway construction project consisted of over 400 truckloads of fill per day and this was accomplished without a single Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviation Runway Incursion or Surface Incident due to appropriate oversight and coordination with the Air Traffic Control Tower. The FAA Airports Division developed this award to promote safety among the FAA Southern Region certificated airports and to recognize any action, effort, or event involving an airport that deserves praise for its intended or demonstrated effect on the advancement of safety.

You and your staff are to be praised for the above mentioned efforts in maintaining an improving the overall safety of your airport.

Great Job!
Winsome A. Lenfeli
Manager, Airports Division

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